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Health IT Strategic Planning

Federal Health IT Strategic Plan Progress Report

The Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015 describes the Federal government’s strategy to improve health and health care for all Americans through use of health information and technology.

This Progress Report highlights key steps taken to implement the Plan’s five strategic goals:

  • Goal 1: Achieve Adoption and Information Exchange through Meaningful Use of Health IT
  • Goal 2: Improve Care, Improve Population Health, and Reduce Health Care Costs through the Use of Health IT
  • Goal 3: Inspire Confidence and Trust in Health IT
  • Goal 4: Empower Individuals with Health IT to Improve their Health and the Health Care System
  • Goal 5: Achieve Rapid Learning and Technology Advancement

The Progress Report outlines how specific Federal Health IT initiatives are linked to health IT marketplace impacts, which contribute to larger healthcare system impacts. Adoption of health IT, a marketplace impact, is linked to several Federal initiatives: health IT product certification, provider adoption support, workforce training, consumer eHealth, and patient safety. Meaningful Use of health IT is a marketplace impact that is connected to the following Federal initiatives: reform demonstrations, clinical quality improvement, and Medicare and Medicaid incentives. Exchange of health information is a marketplace impact that is linked to four Federal initiatives: state health information exchange, standards and interoperability, privacy and security, and public health. The final marketplace impact, research and innovation to enhance health IT, is supported by research collaboratives, development challenges, and state and community challenges. All of these marketplace impacts contribute to three primary healthcare system impacts: improved individual and population health outcomes; increased transparency and efficiency; and improved ability to study and improve care delivery. Each of these Federal initiatives, health IT marketplace impacts, and healthcare system impacts are aligned with one of the Strategic Plan goals.