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What is the role of each Consortium?

What is the role of each Consortium?

The lead awardee of each funded Consortium, as the recipient of the cooperative agreement, is responsible for:

  • Establishing the Consortium
  • Organizing and managing the Consortium
  • Issuing and administering sub-awards to member institutions
  • Serving as a custodian of federal funds
  • Reviewing educational materials
  • Reporting progress and evaluating the program
  • Representing the Consortium in the National Coordination Committee

The specific responsibilities of the community college members in the Consortia include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying faculty and developing local capacity to administer the program
  • Partnering with local health care entities, such as health care provider groups, EHR vendors, or other organizations that are interested in providing internships and job placement to students and graduates
  • Recruiting qualified students to the program
  • Providing appropriate training, using the nationally-developed educational materials as a resource
  • Assisting students in finding jobs that take advantage of their new skills
  • Evaluating student progress to inform future course modifications
  • Providing certificates, or equivalent, to students who successfully complete the program
  • Participating with other Consortium member community colleges in Consortium activities
  • Collaborating with other ONC programs such as the Regional Extension Centers and State Health Information Exchange Programs