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Draft Interoperability Roadmap

Interoperability Roadmap

Connecting Health and Care for the Nation: A Shared Nationwide Interoperability Roadmap Draft Version 1.0 [PDF – 2.6 MB] supports the vision that ONC outlined in Connecting Health and Care for the Nation: A 10 Year Vision to Achieve An Interoperable Health IT Infrastructure [PDF – 607 KB]. This draft Roadmap proposes critical actions for both public and private stakeholders that will advance our nation towards an interoperable health IT ecosystem, advance research and ultimately achieve a learning health. Health IT that facilitates the secure, efficient and effective sharing and use of electronic health information when and where it is needed is essential to better care, smarter spending and a healthier nation.

ONC accepted public comments and key commitments on the draft Roadmap for approximately 60 days which ended on April 3, 2015. 


The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT is responsible for advancing connectivity and interoperability of health information technology (health IT). ONC follows the IEEE definition of interoperability as the ability of systems to exchange and use electronic health information from other systems without special effort on the part of the user. Advancing health IT interoperability is a key element in helping transform the health care delivery system into one that provides better care, smarter spending and healthier people. ONC's overarching goal for electronic health information exchange is for information to follow a patient where and when it is needed, across organizational, health IT developer and geographic boundaries.

Vision Paper

Connecting Health and Care for the Nation: A 10 Year Vision to Achieve An Interoperable Health IT Infrastructure [PDF – 607 KB] describes ONC’s broad vision and framework for interoperability. The concept paper is an invitation to all health IT stakeholders to join ONC in developing a defined, shared roadmap that will allow the nation to collectively achieve health IT interoperability as a core foundational element of better care, at a lower and better health for all.

Interoperability Training Courses

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This five part series of web-based training help explain the process of meeting Stage 2 Meaningful Use data exchange requirements.

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The Roadmap: Calls to Action and Commitments Organized by Participant Group

We all play a role and must work together to make health information electronically and securely available when and where it is needed to support the health and well-being of all Americans. The calls to action and commitments from the Roadmap were shaped by input from both experts and people on the ground, who understand the complex health IT ecosystem and sensitive nature of health and care. Explore the calls to actions and commitments organized by participant group.

Interoperability Roadmap

The new Interoperability Roadmap Infographic shows the way to better health, smarter spending and healthier people using health IT. To learn more about the draft Roadmap, also read the Quick Reference Factsheet [PDF - 557 KB].

Quality Improvement

Health IT Enabled Quality Improvement: A Vision to Achieve Better Health and Health Care [PDF - 1.2 MB] describes ONC’s vision for advancing the use of health IT to support improvement in health care quality to help promote improved health outcomes for individuals and communities.


Statements of Support

View the HHS press release and additional statements of support from private and public stakeholders.