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Policymaking, Regulation, & Strategy

Consumer eHealth

Central to ONC’s mission is the goal of empowering Americans to improve their health and health care through health IT.

Through the Consumer eHealth Program, ONC is increasing individuals’ access to their own health information, helping families to take action and gain control over their health, and shifting attitudes to encourage consumers to become full partners in their care with the support of e-health tools.

ONC is also imagining a future where the power of each individual is unleashed to be active in managing their health and partnering in their health care, enabled by information and technology. In other words, the person will be at the center. By 2020, technology will support the goals of: 1) increased self-management and prevention, 2) seamless interaction with the health care system, and 3) shared management of health care. ONC welcomes a dialogue among all affected stakeholders to further develop and enhance this vision.

Patient-generated health data (PGHD) are health-related data created, recorded, or gathered by or from patients (or family members or other caregivers) to help address a health concern. The use of PGHD offers an opportunity to capture needed information for use during care, with potential cost savings and improvements in quality, care coordination, and patient safety.  ONC has identified PGHD as an important issue for advancing patient engagement and initiated a series of activities to gain more information about its value and approaches to implementing it.