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Who is Pledging IT?

Numerous organizations – such as payers, providers, consumer advocacy groups, health-related associations, and nonprofits – that play a critical role in managing and improving the quality of health and healthcare are taking the pledge to empower consumers with access to their health information and encouraging them to use it to take charge of their health and healthcare. An important part of health IT is giving people the information and tools they need to be partners in their health. The organizations listed below are those who have taken the pledge.

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R.A.C.E.S. Responsible Advocacy Community Empowerment Solutions
Rainbow Therapy Services
Reading Ob/GYN and Women's birth center
Redbanks Nursing Home
Regence BlueCross BlueShield
Regional Extension Assistance Center for HIT
Regional Extension Center for PR & USVI Ponce School of Medicine
Regional Extension Center of New Hampshire
RegisterPatient.com Inc
Rhode Island Quality Institute
River Falls Medical Clinics
River Oaks Pediactrics
Rocks Medical Research Institute, Inc.
Rome, GA State HIE Challenge
RTI International
Rural Health IT Corporation
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