Patient Demographic Data Quality Framework


In general, a score of 3.0 in any process area indicates that an organization is managing its data very effectively with respect to the featured practices. However, organizations should not be discouraged if the initial score is lower. The intent of the PDDQ Framework can be stated as “Wherever you are, there you are.” It is intended to be an encouraging and helpful mechanism for discovery, to assist organizations on their path to effectively managing patient data. Each question can be answered in three ways: Full means that the organization’s consensus opinion is that it is indeed performing the practices indicated. Partial means the consensus is that portions of the practices are being performed. None means that at the time of the evaluation, the practices indicated by the question are not being performed. Each Tier must be answered as Full to receive the maximum score. If Tier 1 is Partial and Tier 2 is Full, the organization will receive a score of .5 instead of 2.0. However, the organization may discover that the effort to complete Tier 1 is not extensive; in that case, the impact of implementing Tier 1 practices fully would raise the score to 2.0.