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About the Playbook

About the Playbook

To help you answer questions about how to implement and use Health IT and specifically your electronic health record (EHR), the Health IT Playbook provides you with a digital resource that contains content about strategies, recommendations, and best practices. This content is based upon implementation experience from a variety of clinical settings. You can access the content by using a search capability or by selecting a specific topic.

If you don’t find what you need, you can tell us by providing feedback within the tool or email us at In response to feedback, regular updates to playbook content and design will be considered.

About this version: Release 1.0

As this is the 1st edition of the Playbook, we fully expect users will assess its value and offer suggestions for improvement. It should be noted that a number of tools and resources for thise 1st edition are adapted from ONC’s Regional Extension Center (REC) program, which funded 62 RECs to provide technical assistance and information on best practices to accelerate use of EHR technology in support of the CMS EHR Incentive Program (Meaningful Use). In addition to tools adapted from the REC program, additional content was added from ONC’s prior Beacon Community program, which funded 17 selected communities throughout the United States that have already made inroads in the development of secure, private, and accurate systems of EHR adoption and health information exchange.

Users of the Playbook will also find a significant number of tools that reference the CMS EHR Incentive Program (Meaningful Use) Stage 1 and Stage 2. While much of this content is still very much relevant, future updates and releases of the Playbook will continue to adapt existing MU-based tools and provide new tools to support alternative payment models (APMs) and value-based care. The Playbook includes multiple places for users to submit feedback and suggestions based on their experience with the tool. In response, we plan to regularly update the Playbook to include additional content, improve upon current content, and showcase examples of use and learning.


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