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Your Health Records

How to begin downloading and using your health records

Get started by finding out if your doctor, hospital, drug store, lab, or health insurance company offers Blue Button. Although Blue Button is in its early stages, it is expanding rapidly.

Go to the Blue Button Connector

Today, millions of Americans have access to their health records through their health care providers or health insurance company, along with Medicare beneficiaries, veterans, and uniformed service members.

In 2014, ONC did an early launch of the online Blue Button Connector tool to help consumers find out which health care providers offer electronic access to their health records, what to do with them, and useful tools to help meet their health needs and lifestyle. Various Blue Button capable products and tools will be featured to help patients better navigate online resources tailored to help them manage their health needs. ONC continues to improve and populate the site and will rely on your to help.

Ask your healthcare providers

More and more health care providers are giving patients easy-to-use tools to securely access, reliably download, and easily share their own health records. If you do not see your healthcare providers listed on the Blue Button Connector, we encourage you to ask them if they offer a way for you to view and download your health records online so you have this information available when you need it.

Look for the Blue Button logo

Healthcare organizations who participate in Blue Button display the logo as a symbol that you can easily access your health records here! Look for this symbol: 

Blue Button Logo