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Campaign Materials

Get Involved!

The success of the Blue Button campaign depends on your efforts to help spread the word about the importance of people having electronic access to their health information, and using that information to empower themselves and their caregivers.

Here are four things you can do to keep the Blue Button Movement rolling:

  1. Distribute our Campaign Materials/Resources

    Use the materials and resources on this site to help spread the word about Blue Button in your community. We provide videos, web banner ads, print ads, fact sheets, and more, all free for anyone to use to promote Blue Button so long as they comply with the general terms for using these materials.

    You can also use these assets to promote your own organization’s use of or support for Blue Button. Review the general terms of use to learn if your organization can use these assets co-branded with your own logo.

  2. Pledge to Join the Blue Button Movement

    Take the Pledge! Visit the Blue Button Pledge Page and sign on to indicate your voluntary commitment to increase patient access to and use of health data to improve their health and healthcare experience.

  3. Use the Blue Button Logo

    Do you offer patients the option of viewing, downloading, or sharing their health information online? The Blue Button is the most recognizable symbol to indicate where a person can “Download My Health Data.”

    By using the Blue Button logo and term, you make it easier for patients to find these features on your own web site. It also indicates to visitors that you have made a commitment to help people access and use their health information and empower themselves to improve their health and health care.

    The name “Blue Button,” the Blue Button logo, the Blue Button Combined Logo, and the slogan, "Download My Data" are registered service marks of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. You are free to use these Service Marks consistent with the guidelines for usage.