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Your Health Records

Use Your Data

What Can I do with My Electronic Health Information?

Having access to your personal health information allows you to:

Find vital health information when you need it, such as in an emergency, when you are traveling, or when you switch providers or insurers

Understand more about your health to make more informed decisions

Share your information with people you trust, like your family doctor, specialists, and other members of your health care team, including family members and friends

Check the accuracy and completeness of your health information (e.g. medications, allergies, etc.)

Keep track of important information such as current medications, your vaccination history, or the exact date of a test or procedure

Use your health information in mobile applications and web-based tools to better manage your health, track important numbers, gain insight into when and why your health changes, and to support conversations with your provider

Learn more about more ways you can use your health information on the eHealth pages at HealthIT.gov.  

Learn how to safeguard your health information.