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Recent Updates

"UPDATES from HealthIT" Widget

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Download our "Updates" widget to display the latest Health IT news on your webpage and blog.


Copy and paste the code into the HTML editor of your web page to display the widget.

Iframe Embed code: Copy the Iframe code. Paste this code into your website.


"Recent Updates" Web-badge


Heath care organizations can post this web-badge to their website to spread the word on the latest news from HealthIT.gov. Once clicked on, the badge will take the health care provider or professional to HealthIT.gov/announcements where they can find more information. To embed the banner or badge on your site, copy and paste the code into the HTML editor of your web page.

HealthIT.gov Announcements

<a href="http://www.healthit.gov/newsroom/recent-updates" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.healthit.gov/sites/default/files/updates_badge-260x130.png" border="0" alt="Recent Updates from HealthIT.gov"></a>