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Grants Management

Grants Statutes, Regulations, and Policies

There are a variety of requirements that govern ONC programs and awards. These requirements begin at the broadest level with congressionally enacted statutes, including authorizing and appropriations statutes and other statutes, such as the Single Audit Act and the Cash Management Improvement Act. Statutes may be implemented through regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations and policies, such as the HHS Grants Policy Statement. Federal agencies also are subject to the requirements of Executive Orders and guidance issued by the Office of Management and Budget.

Read about Office of Management and Budget guidance and HHS regulations in Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations, as referenced in this section. Choose Title 2 and then the applicable part.

Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act

Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act and 2 CFR Part 170 (which indicates recipient responsibilities for reporting to the Federal Funding Transparency and Accountability Act Subaward Reporting System (FSRS)

Executive Order 12549: Debarment and Suspension; 2 CFR Part 180; 2 CFR Part 376 [PDF - 225 KB] (HHS implementation)

Drug-Free Workplace Act, 2 CFR Part 182 [PDF - 287 KB]; 2 CFR Part 382 [PDF - 225 KB] (HHS implementation)

Byrd Anti-Lobbying Amendment, 45 CFR Part 93 [PDF - 385 KB] (HHS implementation)

Cash Management Improvement Act, 31 CFR Part 205 [PDF - 233]

Single Audit Act, OMB Circular A-133 [PDF - 184 KB]

A-133 Compliance Supplement

45 CFR Part 16 [PDF - 213 KB]

45 CFR Part 74 [PDF - 348 KB]

45 CFR Part 92 [PDF - 274 KB]

HHS Grants Policy Statement [PDF - 1.3 MB]