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Grants Management

Grants FAQs

  • If an award includes a restriction—sometimes termed a “special award condition”—it may either limit your ability to incur costs for a particular activity or limit your ability to request an advance of funds from the HHS Payment Management System. The Notice of Grant Award that imposes the restriction will indicate its effect and what you must do for ONC to remove the restriction.

  • Program income is gross income—earned by you or a subrecipient or contractor under your ONC award—directly generated by the grant-or cooperative agreement-supported activity or earned as a result of the award.

  • ONC does not have any statutory requirements that specifically address its application review process. Rather, as a component of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), ONC follows the HHS grants policy requirements for objective review.

  • The Office of Management Budget requires that each applicant for a Federal award (grant, cooperative agreement, or contract) and each applicant for a subaward under a Federal grant or cooperative agreement obtain a Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number.

  • Organizations within the Department of Health and Human Services use a method of funding for discretionary grants that divides an approved project into funding periods called budget periods. The budget period is the period of time during which you are authorized to spend the funds awarded and must meet the matching or cost-sharing requirement, if any, and is shown in the Notice of Grant Award... Read more.

  • If you need additional funds, you may make a written request to ONC, which must, at a minimum, include a revised budget. If the supplemental funding request is due to increased costs that are within the scope of the approved application, but that were unforeseen when your application was submitted, ONC will evaluate your request and may grant your request as an administrative action.

  • The answer to this question depends on both the general and specific terms and conditions of your award. First, determine if the Notice of Grant Award specifies any particular limitations on rebudgeting. These may be award-specific or program-specific.

  • You must submit timely, complete, and accurate final reports, as specified by ONC (see Grants Management Advisory 2012-05), return any cash on hand to the HHS Payment Management System, and, if applicable, request disposition instructions for tangible personal property that you do not intend to use after... Read more.

  • You use the same form for your final financial report that we required you to submit on an annual basis—the Federal Financial Report (SF 425). The final report must include any expenditures since the end of the reporting period covered by your last annual report, even if the expenditures are for a few months only.

  • ONC uses program-specific evaluation criteria tailored to the program and more generic criteria pertaining to the applicant’s project management approach and organizational capabilities and to the proposed budget. The evaluation criteria for a particular funding opportunity are found in Section V of the funding opportunity announcement.