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Smoking Status

Classification of a patient’s smoking behavior.

Data Element

Information from the submission form

Tobacco/Nicotine Product Type
Tobacco/Nicotine containing products used as a method of consumption.
Question Prompt: What type(s) of tobacco products?
Permissible Values:
o Cigarette (SNOMED: 66562002) A thin cylinder of ground or shredded tobacco that is wrapped in paper, lit, and smoked.
o Cigar (SNOMED: 26663004) A tube of tobacco that is thicker than a cigarette, wrapped in tobacco leaf, lit, and smoked. Cigars include regular cigars, cigarillos, and little filtered cigars.
o Pipe (SNOMED: 84498003) A tube with a small bowl at one end that is filled with tobacco, lit, and smoked.
o Smokeless (SNOMED: TBD) This delivery mechanism does not require smoking and includes, Chewing tobacco, Dip, Snuff, Dissolvable and Snus.
o E-Cigarette/Vape (SNOMED: TBD) An electronic cigarette is a vaporizer device that simulates smoking by providing some of the aspects of smoking that includes nicotine but without combusting tobacco. Also called E-Cigs, Personal Vaporizer.
o Unknown-(SNOMED: TBD) An individual for whose tobacco product use is unknown.


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