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Care Team Member(s)

The specific person(s) who participate or are expected to participate in the care team.

Data Element

Information from the submission form

Provider Telecom Information
The telecom information for the healthcare provider.


Provider Telecom

The New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) supports the inclusion of a data element in the USCDI v2 that identifies the appropriate contact details or endpoints for the listed Care Team Members. While Provider Direct Address is valuable to capture for use cases that utilize Direct Edge Protocol, there are other methods of exchange (e.g. FHIR) that do not require a Direct Address. Therefore, NYeC recommends modifying "Provider Direct Address" to "Provider Telecom," which is a broader element described as a “contact detail for the provider.” This element can capture a Direct Address, a FHIR endpoint, or another type of contact. FHIR v4 currently includes this element in the Practitioner Resource. The value set may include phone, fax, email, pager, URL, SMS, or other.

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