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Data Element

Information from the submission form

Medication experience
This element captures how the patient reacts to taking or not taking the medication. It includes efficacy (does it work very well, moderately well, or not at all). In SNOMED, these could be supported with these values:
• 266721009 |Absent response to treatment (situation)|
• 182988002 |Slight response to treatment (situation)|
• 182987007 |Fair response to treatment (situation)|
• 182986003 |Excellent response to treatment (situation)|
• 82334004 |Indeterminate (qualifier value)|
It also addresses side effects (none, mild, moderate, severe; critical). Potential codes:
• 408508002 |Has shown no side effects from medication (finding)|
• 401207004 |Medication side effects present (finding)|
• 170909007 |High risk drug side effect (finding)|
This information may affect discussions of medication adherence – both as explanations of non-adherence and as potential reasons to modify treatment.
This element should be coded to support consistency across organizations.


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