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Record of an administration of a vaccination or a record of a vaccination as reported by a patient, a clinician, or another party.

Data Element

Applicable Standards(s)

  • CDC IIS: Current HL7 Standard Code Set, CVX -- Vaccines Administered, updates through January 31, 2020
  • CDC National Drug Code (NDC) Directory – Vaccine NDC Linker Table, updates through January 31, 2020


a status reason why the vaccine was not given; When the vaccine

This field is for general comments on this specific data class. To submit new USCDI data classes and/or data elements, please use the USCDI ONDEC system: Hi, My question is related to the Immunizations data class. If the "status" is - "not done". How do we find out the "date" when the vaccine was not given? I am asking this since both "Status" & "Date" are mandatory fields in the FHIR data model. Thanks, Priti

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