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Encounter Information

Data Element

Additional Information

Encounter Time
Specifies the date and time associated with the encounter, for clinical context. This would include an admission and discharge date and time for a hospital encounter or a date/time of an office visit/appointment.


MedMorph's support of Encounter Timing

The MedMorph Project fully supports the addition of this element for USCDI v2. The encounter period is a necessary element for the MedMorph Healthcare Survey use case.

Office visit clarifications - duration and meaning of start time

Is this intended to also capture duration or classification (long, short, regular, etc) of a visit for an office visit? Some of the content above make me think it might be. Is it meant to be the scheduled start time or the actual start time or the patient check-in time? There are comments about encounter diagnosis and encounter type above under applicable standards - is that intentional?

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