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Encounter Information

Data Element

Information from the submission form

Encounter Participant
Persons involved in the encounter other than the patient. Reference(US Core Practitioner Profile)


Encounter Participant is widely available

This data element appears in HL7 V2 Messages in PV1-7,8,9 and 17 and PD1-4, and are exchanged 40-80% of the time (depending on field) in HIEs I have direct experience with. In C-CDA Documents it can be found in performer (see performer at, and as demonstrated in is widely available and supported in many EHR systems, and other evidence available through participation in prior IHE Connectathons demonstrates that it covered by EHR systems that are available to 85% or more of the provider market. In FHIR DSTU2 it can be found in Encounter.participant, and in the current US Core (FHIR R4 based) is a must support element (see ) In other words, it is widely available, implemented in software products, and exchanged in physician practice, HIE and in some cases to public health as well.        

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