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Information about a condition, diagnosis, or other event, situation, issue, or clinical concept that is documented.

Data Element

Additional Information

Date of Diagnosis
A date field associated with each diagnosis on a patients problem list and/or medical diagnosis history to capture the date a patient first had the diagnosis. One could imagine, in the future, supplementing this with additional data elements for capturing identifying information for the individual making this determination, their role (physician vs. other healthcare professional, etc.), institution, some categorization of the basis for the determination (symptoms, signs, laboratory abnormality, etc.)


MedMorph's support of Date of Diagnosis

The MedMorph Project supports the addition of Date of Diagnosis, but requests slight tweaking of the definition.The current definition is very similar to the Date of Onset and includes extraneous information that should not be included in the definition. Suggested definition: The date of initial diagnosis by a recognized medical practitioner for the diagnosis, whether clinically or microscopically/laboratory confirmed.

MedMorph's Date of Diagnosis

We agree with MedMorph's recommendations for the two mentioned data submissions, the two data elements mirror each other too closely and the definition should be revisited, based on the review of the submissions we've received.

Suggested modification to metric definition

I also agree with MedMorph's suggestion.  Clinically the Date of Onset, often marked by the earliest date of symptoms, laboratory/imaging abnormalities, or morphologic changes, is distinct from the Date of Diagnosis, typically by a healthcare professional.

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