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Care Team Member(s)

The specific person(s) who participate or are expected to participate in the care team.

Data Element

Additional Information

Care Team Member(s)


What is required for Care Teams in an outpatient setting?

Hello, can you provide information regarding this data? Do all providers MDs RNs MAs need to be displayed that have taken care of a patient in the Ambulatory setting? If so are first and last names needed or just their roles? Thank you for your time or if you can point me to where it is stated. The only thing I can find is that there is N/A standard.

USCDI requires that a system…

USCDI requires that a system be able to communicate members of a care team.  It does not specify the type of member who should be part of the care team, the purpose/context(s) of the care team, the completeness of the members of the care team, the effective period of the care team, or other specifics.  The use of care teams is likely defined by local practice.

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