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The metadata, or extra information about data, that can help answer questions such as when and who created the data.

Data Element

Information from the submission form

Author Role(s)
Author Role(s), in context of action taken and/or in context of USCDI dataset or data element authorship. Should include roles such as: a) action performer, b) assistant, c) observer, d) author of dataset or data element, e) scribe.

Provenance set includes the who, what, when, where and why as metadata for USCDI data classes and data elements. Author Role(s) are part of “who”.

Author Role(s) must be associated with each USCDI dataset or data element that has a unique provenance set. Occurs when data is originated (captured, collected or sourced), updated, verified, attested, transformed.

Note that Author Role(s) are intrinsic to what the source EHR/HIT system already knows, thus it does not require extra data collection (burden) by the clinician or other end user.


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