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Advance Directives

Data Element

Information from the submission form

Advance Directive Observation
In the context of a Patient Summary or Encounter Summary authored by a clinician or assembled by clinician’s EMR system, observations verifying a patient’s advance directive information and medical orders for life-sustaining treatments are available and have been reviewed using established standards for recording this type of information documented by providers.In a Patient Summary or Encounter Summary, Advance Directive Observations indicate if a person has a Personal Advance Care Plan, where the current source document can be referenced, if it was verified, and optional observations about what types of wishes the patient has expressed in his or her generated advance directive information, and if the person’s advance directive documentation has been verified.
The set of recognized types of content include concepts from the value set: Advance Directives Content Type SCT urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113762.1.4.1115.5 which is openly available for reference in the National Library of Medicine’s Value Set Authority Center. It can be referenced using this url:


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