CMS-CCSQ Support for Advanced Directives in USCDI v3

CMS-CCSQ supports the advancement of the Advanced Directives data class, identified as a priority area by the USCDI Task Force, and critical information for patient-centered care. This complements the new submission by CMS-CCSQ regarding end-of-life care orders to ensure all receive appropriate and respectful patient care.

Update “Advance Directive” Data Class to USCDI Level 2

Although the new PACIO Advance Directives Interoperability FHIR IG won’t ballot until January 2022 and publish in early- to mid-2022, considerable progress has been made on implementer consensus about how to represent and exchange advance directive information. The additional maturity should be recognized in an upgrade from Level 1 to Level 2.  Following ballot reconciliation and publication of the FHIR IG, The Advance Directive Data Class should be added to USCDI ONDEC submission for V4 in 2022.

USCDIv3 ADI_Comments_20210927v3.pdf

PACIO Project Community Support for "Advanced Directive"

Established February 2019, the PACIO Project is a collaborative effort between industry, government and other stakeholders, with the goal of establishing a framework for the development FHIR implementation guides to facilitate health information exchange. The PACIO community is open to all interested parties and currently includes over 50 individuals and organizations. On behalf of the PACIO Project leadership team, the PACIO Community voted 9/29/21 and unanimously supports the document and recommendations as posted 9/28/21 by Lisa R Nelson. PACIO members were involved in the creation of that document based on experiences in advance directive content adjudication and FHIR implementation guide development.

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