An Unsolicited "Push" of Clinical Health Information to a Known Destination and Information System User

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Update entry for IG for Expressing Context in Direct Messaging

Please note that the IG for Expressing Context in Direct Messaging version 1.1 listed above was finalized on 6/19/18 by the Direct Project and should be updated above from an Emerging Implementation Specification in balloted status to an Implementation Specification in final status. <BR />Thank you, <BR />Luis Maas, Direct Project Coordinator

NCPDP Comment

  1. Add the following:
Type-Implementation Specification Standard Implementation/Specification- NCPDP Pharmacist eCare Plan Version 1.0: Guidance on the Use of the HL7 CDA Consolidated Templates for Clinical Notes R2.1 Care Plan Standards Process Maturity – Final Implementation Maturity- Production Adoption Level – 2 Federally Required – No Cost – $ Test Tool Availability – Yes Test Tool Link: