AIRA Comments - Clarifying Relevance

It’s unclear the relevance of the comment in left-most blue cell as it relates to the CDC WSDL used in immunization exchanges with widespread adoption. AIRA proposes it be further explained how IHE Document Sharing ties to the CDC WSDL or asks that it be removed.

IHE - Document Sharing

The IHE Document Sharing infrastructure is ready to support Public Health Exchanges. These are simply other PurposeOfUse that are technically supported, for which policy authorization is all that is necessary.

see IHE publication -

See article I have authored -

The Public Health use would most likely be thru PUSH based interactions. The Document Sharing enables any kind of content including CDA and FHIR-Documents; but can also carry documents that don't meet the HL7 definition of document such as a FHIR Bundle of measures.

Haven't heard this…

Haven't heard this referenced OUTSIDE of the context of an ISA in the past four years.  SOAP? Really?