Unique identifier(s) for a patient's implantable device(s).

Data Element

Unique Device Identifier(s) for a patient’s implantable device(s)

Unique numeric or alphanumeric codes that consist of a device identifier and a production identifier.

Applicable Vocabulary Standard(s)

Applicable Standards
  • FDA Unique Device Identification System (UDI System)


Expand UDI for all Medical Devices

Expand the types of devices to apply Unique Device Identification to all devices subject to the Unique Device Identification Rule.  This includes the Level 2 concepts of Test Kit Unique Identifier and Level 1 Instrument Unique Identifier that should be available for use in combination (i.e., a test kit may be run on an instrument and not including both would limit the value of the data).

QR and/or Barcodes for data capture into other systems

Please consider making the GUID available to ancillary staff in the form of a barcode or QR code for checking against other systems or reconciliation of inventories (Ex an LTC Nurse doing rounds and seeing a pacemaker on the careplan, making sure if the resident goes out to another hospital, that device is listed on their transfer form in case the receiving hospital was not part of the Exchange of original hospital where device was implanted).  

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