Tests that result in visual images requiring interpretation by a credentialed professional.

Data Element

Requested Procedure Identifier

The Requested Procedure is the unit of work resulting in one Diagnostic Imaging Report (https://www.healthit.gov/isa/taxonomy/term/2471/uscdi-v3#uscdi-proposal…) with associated codified and billable acts. One or more Requested Procedures may have to be performed to satisfy an Imaging Service Request.

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The current USCDI v2 Data Element, Diagnostic Imaging Test does not convey the hierarchy established in Diagnostic Imaging. The Order/Imaging Service Request generates one or more Requested Procedures, which generates one or more Scheduled Procedure Steps. See Appendix A, Clarification of Accession Number and Requested Procedure ID of Volume 1 of the IHE Radiology Technical Framework and DICOM Section 7.3 Extension of the DICOM Model of the Real World.


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