Analysis of clinical specimens to obtain information about the health of a patient.

Data Element

Additional Information

Specimen Condition and Disposition
Indication whether a specimen was acceptable and reason for rejection if unacceptable.


ACLA Comment on Laboratory: Specimen Condition and Disposition

The American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA) pertains to the Applicable Standard(s):  SNOMED CT and Estimate of Overall Burden: Very low burden. This element should already be part of the EHR due to its laboratory regulatory requirement (CLIA). ACLA Comments: These comments pertain to the burdens using SNOMED CT. Using only SNOMED CT for specimen condition data element content is problematic as this data element has not been tested at scale. The burden would be very high using SNOMED CT values lieu of HL7 table values. We propose the use of either HL7 table or SNOMED CT as acceptable values.  

CAP Comment on Specimen Condition and Disposition

  • Data Class: Laboratory
  • Data Element: Specimen Condition and Disposition
  • CAP Comment: The CAP applauds the ONC’s decision to add this data element to USCDI v4, as this data element includes any information regarding the condition and disposition of specimens that do not meet the laboratory's criteria for acceptability relevant to the performance or non-performance of a test as required by CLIA. The CAP recommends that SNOMED CT—which was in the original submission for this data element—be added as the vocabulary standard for this data element.

THIA Comment on Laboratory: Specimen Condition and Disposition

The Texas Health Informatics Alliance (THIA) Policy and Standards Working Group supports the proposal for specimen condition and disposition. Many institutions already have a process in practice, but there is value in standardization of this practice. Standardization means there would be data on prevalence and occurrence, which is important for quality assurance purposes.

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