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Sex (Assigned at Birth)

Applicable Vocabulary Standard(s)

Applicable Standards

Birth sex must be coded in accordance with HL7 Version 3 (V3) Standard, Value Sets for AdministrativeGender and NullFlavor attributed as follows:

  • Female. F
  • Male. M
  • Unknown. nullFlavor UNK

Adopted at 45 CFR 170.207(n) 


Please align with the HL7 Gender Harmony logical model

Gender Harmony ballot is currently being reconciled and will be published in the next 4-6 months. This model notes that while useful at times, Birth Sex should not be considered a permanent, unequivocal characterization of any clinical physiologic sex observation. Some locals align this with the sex value entered on a birth certificate, which can be modified at a later date based on either a better understanding of the current patient physiology, or as a proxy for current patient gender identity. As such, we would recommend that Birth Sex be considered simply a Recoded Sex value that must be interpreted based on the context of recording and use. A better approach would be to support the Sex For Clinical Use (SFCU) approach described in the GH model.

NCPDP Comment

NCPDP uses AdministrativeGender as the mandatory gender value. Optional field, SexAssignedAtBirth, is used to capture birth sex. The SexAssignedAtBirth field will be available in the next NCPDP SCRIPT standard currently under ballot. The SexAssignedAtBirth field will include the values of (M)ale, (F)emale, (U)nknown and (I)ntersex. Therefore, NCPDP recommends adding the value of Intersex (Definition: An individual born with any of several variations in sex characteristics, including chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones or genitals that do not fit the typical definitions of male or female).

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