Data used to categorize individuals for identification, records matching, and other purposes.

Data Element

Name To Use

LOINC Personal pronouns – Reported 90778-2 LOINC does not have a specific observable that aligns directly with “Name to use” Recommendation for USCDI v3 Alignment with HL7 and LOINC he/him/his/his/himself H (LA29518-0) she/her/her/hers/herself S (LA29519-8) they/them/their/theirs/themself T (LA29520-6) Something else, please specify: nullFlavor OTH Unknown nullFlavor UNK Other options are permissible, such as neopronouns (ze/hir, ey/em, etc.) and options such as “use only my name” or “any pronouns”, in addition to the above minimum set. For further recommendations related to pronouns, see Kronk et al (2021).


Provider support for Name to Use

When a patient has shared with a provider or other caregiver their preferred Name to Use and this data has been captured in a health IT system, we owe it to the individual to share this information along with other core demographic data.  Routine exchange of this data, when it is available, will contribute to effective patient engagement, patient trust, efficient workflows, and may also improve patient privacy.  

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