Data Element

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Patient Birth Place

The city, state, county and country or location in which the patient was born.


Unified Comment from CDC

  • Additional Use Case: Information about a patient's place of birth, specifically country of birth, is collected as part of CDC's routine nationally notifiable disease surveillance for HIV, STDs, tuberculosis and viral hepatitis. This information is used for public health purposes to better understand a patient's lifetime risk of exposure to tuberculosis, and to help inform culturally appropriate interventions to ensure equitable access to care.  
  • Estimate number of stakeholders who capture, access, use or exchange this data element: All US States and DC are funded through CDC’s Division of HIV Prevention, Division of TB Elimination, Division of STD Prevention, and Division of Viral Hepatitis flagship Notice of Funding Actions to perform surveillance activities, including collection of these data for surveillance purposes.  
  • Healthcare Aims: Improving patient experience of care, Improving health of populations  
  • Applicable standard: PHVS_BirthCountry_CDC, PHVS_BirthCountry_TB  
  • Use of data element: Extensively used in production environments

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