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Pregnancy History
Whether the patient was pregnant within the past year


Description of data element is disparate from use case

The description of this data element is Pregnancy History - "Whether the patient was pregnant within the past year". The use case and other information supplied in this submission does not describe the above. Instead, it focuses on maternal mortality / cause of death / death records. Pregnancy Status was previously proposed and submitted by NACHC in coordination with ACOG for consideration in USCDIv1, USCDIv2 and USCDIv3. We fully support the previous comments from ACOG, CDC, CSTE and IMO here ( In the link provided, while NACHC agrees that there is a critical need for the pregnancy status data element, the currently submitted concept profile should not ideally be referenced from IHE IPS as the submission is not harmonized with electronic case reporting (eCR) LOINC code for pregnancy status (LOINC 82810-3) with SNOMED-CT terminology bindings. The pregnancy status LOINC code that should be referenced is missing or not immediately transparent from the current USCDIv3 status. We appreciate the use case for reported pregnancy status in a patient-facing survey; however, for use in electronic health record systems (EHRs), we believe the intended concept should preferentially be the presence of a confirmed pregnancy status referenced by LOINC 82810-3, with its terminology bound answer codes (LOINC LL4129-4). This code is referenced in the federally supported Family Planning Annual Report (FPAR) program and data system from HHS, which we believe should be included as a reference in version 3. NACHC is supportive of ACOG’s position supporting HL7’s CCDA “Pregnancy Status” and related women’s health data elements as its own data class listed in Appendix C in the attached document. 

2022-09-30 NACHC USCDIv3 Letter of Support_4.pdf

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