Data used to categorize individuals for identification, records matching, and other purposes.

Data Element

Mother's Maiden Name
Contains information about the patient’s mother’s last name when she was born (i.e., before marriage).


CDC's Consolidated Comment for USCDI v5

  • The "Mother’s Maiden Name" is a proposed vital data element for inclusion in the v5 USCDI, designed to bolster patient identification procedures, particularly for newborns who may not have a name assigned immediately after birth. This data element can significantly enhance the accuracy and security within healthcare systems by serving as an additional, reliable matching criterion for patient records. When standard identifiers such as name and date of birth are insufficient to differentiate between patients, the mother's maiden name can provide an additional layer of certainty, reducing the risk of misidentification and enhancing patient safety. This becomes especially critical in neonatal care settings, where precise identification is paramount for appropriate and timely care delivery. Moreover, "Mother’s Maiden Name" can be a powerful tool to prevent the creation of duplicate patient records. This pervasive issue contributes to administrative inefficiencies, data integrity problems, and potential errors in patient care. As healthcare systems evolve towards more integrated and interconnected models, the importance of precise and secure patient identification continues to grow. The inclusion of the "Mother’s Maiden Name" in the USCDI v5 is a practical, actionable step towards addressing these identification challenges, providing healthcare practitioners with a consistent and reliable means of matching patients to their medical records. We strongly advocate for incorporating the "Mother’s Maiden Name" data element into the USCDI v5, as it promises to markedly improve the reliability, security, and integrity of patient information across the healthcare spectrum.
  • CSTE Comment: CSTE strongly agrees with CDC recommendation for this data element. 

CDC's comment on behalf of CSTE

CSTE strongly recommends that mothers maiden name be moved into USCDI v3. This element is critical to include in eCR and ELR and is used heavily for person matching and deduplication as well as when requesting additional clinical information on a case of reportable disease. This element is in routine use in HIEs and for EHR to IIS data exchange.

Unified Comment from CDC

  • Mother’s maiden name is a CDC immunization endorsed data element which is an important component of the medical records of infants and minors especially for those that may not yet have a name. The IIS uses this information to identify, prevent, and resolve duplicated and fragmented patient records using an automated process. This deduplication process, in turn, will help to ensure that the most accurate and up to date information is always available thereby improving data quality, clinical decision making and reporting quality measures (e.g, health disparities).  
  •  CSTE supports inclusion of this measure into USCDI v3: Inclusion of this element would be useful for patient matching/de-duplication

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