Information on a person who participates or is expected to participate in the care of a patient.

Data Element

Information from the submission form

Data Steward
Patients may be their own data stewards, or have other data stewards able to authorize permissions on their data. This term, "Data Steward" is intended to describe an individual or organization authorized and accountable for permission decisions about the health data of the individual. While this may be a RelatedPerson or a member of a CareTeam (existing elements and classes in USCDI FHIR), it may also not be part of those groups. Data stewards may be needed for individual patients who are incapacitated or for minors who lack legal capacity to consent (although be able to assent). Data stewards may also have a critical role in stewardship of health data for deceased individuals, e.g. clinical genetic counseling, research studies. Individuals may also assign stewardship to multiple individuals and organizations. Data stewardship may also authorize designated organizations and/or individuals to determine data use permissions by specific segment (e.g. medication data vs. family history data).


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