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Social Determinant of Health Domain
The area of social risk documented for a patient (e.g., housing insecurity, alcohol use, transportation security). When exchanging a domain, the following constituent data components should be included: - Source/Assessment: The specific survey, questionnaire, or question set(s) used to calculate the patient’s risk value for the domain, if applicable. If a particular assessment was not used to calculate the patient’s risk value, just the risk value may be exchanged. - Risk Value: The category of risk that applies to a patient for the domain (e.g., “high risk,” “moderate risk,” “low risk,” or “unknown”). - Date: The date the assessment was completed.


Inclusion of Disability at SDOH measure

Could a measure for disability be included among the SDOH elements?  There are several reasons for this suggestion. 1) The disability community is an underserved population, not typically recognized in other measures. 2) Incidence of disabilities cuts across socio-economic lines while also compounding the effects of other markers for social determinants of health.  For example, the challenges faced by a patient who is black and living in a rural setting a multiplied if the individual also has a disability.  3) Disability for an individual has a strong collateral effects on other family members in the household affecting their access to health care. For example, the economic , employment, insurance, and access  impacts on a family caring for a child with cognitive disabilities can reach well beyond the individual alone.    Even baseline measure, such as used in the American Community Survey, would be helpful.,or%20emotional%20condition%20lasting%206%20months%20or%20more%2C     This field is for general comments on this specific data element. To submit new USCDI data classes and/or data elements, please use the USCDI ONDEC system:

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