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Security Label Sensitivity Tag
A Sensitivity tag is the 0..* component of a Security Label that conforms to the HL7 Healthcare Privacy and Security Classification System (HCS), Release 1 syntax to represent the type of information deemed by policy to require a specified level of Confidentiality protection. HL7 recommends creating a value set of Sensitivity codes to value the Sensitivity tag, which are specific to priority US policies as discussed in the HL7 Cross-Paradigm US Regulatory Security Labeling Implementation Guide, which is under development. For HL7 v3 Sensitivity codes see _ActInformationSensitivityPolicy in the ActCode value set. For background on the use of Sensitivity codes, see Sensitive Information Security Label Privacy Tag Used if required by governing policy in HL7 Implementation Guide: Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P), Release 1, in the HL7 Version 2.9 BHS, FHS, MSH, and ARV Segments, and in the FHIR Data Segmentation for Privacy IG.


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