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Advance Directives

Data Element

Information from the submission form

Care Experience Preference
Advance directives information may contain a person’s preferences for their care experience based on cultural, religious or spiritual, and personal preferences. The individual states personal thoughts about something he or she feels is relevant to his or her care experience that may be pertinent when planning his or her care. They may indicate aspects of the care experience such as who they want to be present at the care setting from their circle of family and friends, how they want the environment to feel such as being in sunlight when possible or have music playing that creates a feeling or peace or happiness or having spiritual or religious articles close by, and how they want aspects of care delivery to occur such as baths rather than showers or making sure their feet are kept warm or preferring female care givers to male caregivers. The 2020 Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA) includes the concept of “patient preference/consent” in the content and structure section. ( which is loosely related to both the data element of “care experience preference” and the data class of “patient instructions”.


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