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Employment Status
This data element includes a coded concept, Employment Status, with time and date stamp and/or start date and end date. A person can be both employed and retired, and can have a different employment status for each job. Employment Status is a person's self-reported, coded relationship to working for pay, family earnings, or training (e.g. having one or more jobs, searching for work, etc.). A person’s Employment Status is independent of Job characteristics, e.g., not “full-time work” or “part-time work,” because many people have more than one job.


Unified Comment from CDC

  • In the preamble to the 2015 Rule, ONC expressed support for collection of employment status of “unemployed” could lead to referral for services. The Occupational Data for Health (ODH) value set for Employment Status distinguishes between unemployed (seeking employment) and not in labor force (not seeking employment).   
  • Potential champions from more than 13 healthcare organizations have expressed interest in piloting collection and use of ODH, which include employment status, if it were available in their EHR. The complexity of implementing and maintaining ODH as a unique build within their EHR has been the roadblock.  

Unified Comment from CDC

CSTE supports inclusion of this measure into USCDI v3: Very supportive of including work information in USCDI – important for assessing increased risk of conditions related to I/O
  • Specific job title and workplace address are also critical for outbreak investigation

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