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AJCC N Category
For both Clinical (cN), Pathological (pN) and Neoadjuvant (ycN or ypN), the N Category is defined as Cancer in the regional lymph nodes as defined for each cancer site, including • absence or presence of cancer in regional node(s), and/or • number of positive regional nodes, and/or • involvement of specific regional nodal groups, and/or • size of nodal metastasis or extension through the regional node capsule, and/or • In-transit and satellite metastases, somewhat unique manifestations of nonnodal intralymphatic regional disease, usually found between the primary tumor site and draining nodal basins. Regional Lymph Node (N) Categories Categorizing regional lymph node involvement depends on its existence and extent. NX No information about the N category for the regional lymph nodes, or it is unknown or cannot be assessed N0 No regional lymph node involvement with cancer and for some disease sites, nonnodal regional disease as noted earlier N1, N2, or N3 Evidence of regional node(s) containing cancer, with • an increasing number, and/or • regional nodal group involvement, and/or • size of the nodal metastatic cancer deposit, or • non-nodal regional disease as noted earlier for melanoma and Merkel cell carcinoma, and for colorectal carcinoma


Important update to AJCC USCDI ONDEC submission

The American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) would like to provide an important update on the Cancer Staging (AJCC TNM), AJCC T Category, AJCC N Category, AJCC M Category, and AJCC Stage Group data elements originally submitted to USCDI ONDEC on October 23, 2020.   The AJCC requests that the USCDI reviewers reconsider the Classification Level of the AJCC data elements based on the recent development of a license agreement that will make the AJCC data elements accessible from the SNOMED CT terminology.  The AJCC feels that the availability of the AJCC data elements in a standard terminology that is freely available and in wide use significantly strengthens the original submission and demonstrates previous challenges have been addressed. The American College of Surgeons and SNOMED International entered into a license agreement to allow AJCC data elements to be included in the SNOMED CT terminology.  Provided below are links to the announcements from both organizations. The original and full comment from the AJCC is linked here:  

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