Data Element

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Organization/Hospital Identifier
Unique identifier for a healthcare organization (i.e. CCN, NPI)


CMS-CCSQ Support for Organization Identifier for USCDI v3

CMS-CCSQ recommends inclusion of Organization/Hospital Identifier in USCDI V3 to enable exchange of CMS Certification number (CCN) and Provider Transaction number (PTAN)—unique identifiers for a healthcare organization. Rationale: Identifiers are critical for tracking and linking where patients receive care and for managing public health reporting and emergency response. Many nationally used organization/hospital identifiers support this, including CCN and PTAN. We recommend the addition of organization/hospital identifier to USCDI version 3, which will allow for exchange of CCN, PTAN, and other organization identifiers that may meet other use cases. All hospitals in the US are assigned a CCN and exchange this information regularly, and all Medicare providers are assigned a PTAN. The CCN verifies Medicare/Medicaid certification for survey and certification, assessment-related activities, and communications. The CCN represents physically distinct care settings even when these settings share a common tax ID number. Exchange of these identifiers supports facility-specific quality, prior authorization activities, and other assessments that are limited without this information. Maturity:

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