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An outcome may be the result of the SDOH intervention to achieve the goal or address the problem. Outcomes are the measurable result of an intervention that may form the basis of quality metrics.


Please Include SDoH Outcomes in USCDI v4

Vizient agrees with the use description submitted to ONC by the Gravity Project.[1] Overall, addition of the Outcomes element would allow for enhanced measurement of SDoH interventions, which may then also be used in the context of quality measurement. Also, the addition of the Outcomes element would allow for a more complete information, as currently available SDoH elements, which are included in different classes, do not include outcomes (e.g., SDoH Assessment, SDoH Problems/Health Concerns, SDoH Goals, SDoH Interventions).   [1]

Level 2 Data Element: Outcomes

IMO supports the proposed Level 2 Data Class for Social Determinants of Health in USCDI V3. However, IMO does not recommend the proposed Level 2 data element Outcomes for USCDI V3. Vocabulary standards are not well developed to represent this concept, and it is not yet represented in a published technical specification. 

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