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Organizational Identifier Components

Unique, disambiguating identifier components for Organization-related elements. e.g. Provenance, identifier.assigner, and other elements and components that rely upon Organizations, especially those that may not be provider organizations nor have a URL. USCDI may need to support (or even consider requiring) organization.identifier.system to improve data portability. The parent way of identifying the system that enumerates multiple Organization identifiers may best be modeled as Organization.identifier.system, where the identifier uses existing FHIR properties for Identifiers data type. These include: identifier.system (URI namepsace) identifier.assigner (itself an organization!) identifier.value (a unique value)


Example of Organization Identifier: GLEIF

Note heard through Ryan Howells of the CARIN Alliance:

GLEIF is an example of an organizational identifier system that may be generalizable for many use cases, that isn't bound to NPI only.  This may be able to help clearly identify other non-provider organizations like health insurers, pharmacy benefits managers, social and civic organizations, and other groups.

For more information about GLEIF:

Henry Wei, MD

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