Record of vaccine administration.

Data Element

Information from the submission form

Texas Disaster Consent
The following value should be used to document patient consent during a disaster or pandemic in Texas: TXD – Disaster consent In Texas, there is legislation that requires health care providers to report antiviral, immunization or other medications (AIM) administered to patients in response to a disaster such as COVID-19. When the AIM information is reported the TX IIS (ImmTrac) flags the information as disaster-related. If the patient signs the disaster-related consent form, their personal and disaster related AIMs are stored for the patient’s lifetime. If the patient does not sign the disaster related consent form or the regular, applicable consent form but receives a disaster related AIM, then their personal information and disaster related AIMs are stored in Texas’ IIS for up to 5 years after the end of the disaster. It is crucial for Electronic Health Records to capture, store, and exchange information regarding whether the patient received an AIM that was administered in response a disaster/pandemic so that this information can be shared with others to ensure appropriate medications are delivered and patient health can be maximized..


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