Record of an administration of a vaccination or a record of a vaccination as reported by a patient, a clinician, or another party.

Data Element

Information from the submission form

Vaccination Event Record Type
Indicates whether the vaccination event is based on a historical record (e.g., second hand knowledge of the vaccination event) or was administered at the facility submitting the data.


Unified Comment from CDC

  • Additional Use Case: Immunization information including date of administration is collected as part of case based surveillance for Hepatitis A, Acute Hepatitis B and Perinatal Hepatitis B to understand hepatitis transmission patterns and ensure appropriate interventions are prioritized within impacted communities.  
  • Additional Use Cases: Immunization elements are a major piece of public health control and mitigation. When combined with case reports to a jurisdiction or notification to CDC, it allows the jurisdiction or CDC to see where immunizations may be lacking. Immunization information may not directly provide disparity information, but it is needed together with other disparity-related data (e.g., race, ethnicity, location) to identify vaccine breakthroughs or problems with vaccination access/coverage which may also speak to broader health disparities related to general access to medical care and services.  
  • Estimate number of stakeholders who capture, access, use or exchange this data element: All US States and DC are funded through CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis flagship Notice of Funding Actions to perform surveillance activities, including collection of these data for surveillance purposes.  
  • Healthcare Aims:
  • 1. Improving patient experience of care
  • 2. Improving health of populations
  • 3. Reducing cost of care
  • 4. Improving provider experience of care  
  • Use of data element: Extensively used in production environments  
  • CSTE supports inclusion of this measure into USCDI v3: supports information being shared with IIS across the country – should be captured for all IZ, not just children

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