Data Element

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Observation Subject
The patient, or group of patients, location, or device this Observation is about and into whose record the observation is placed. Note: Additional structures are needed to handle situations where the actual focus of the Observation is different from the subject (or a sample of, part, or region of the subject). For example, a measurement on a fetus that is placed in the mother's record. Data Type: Reference (Patient, Group, Device, or Location). This data element is typically a pointer into a record in another table/structure that contains more metadata about the subject. Note: This Data Element (Observation.subject) would typically point to a record/instance of the Patient Demographics Data Class, though Observations can be recorded for other “units of analysis” (such as a geographic area, group of subjects, etc). The exact mechanism for specifying this linkage is not prescribed, but the purpose of this Data Element is to establish that the ability to communicate “who the observation is about” must be supported.


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