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Observation Value
The information determined as a result of making the observation. The information carried by Observation.value may take several forms, depending on the nature of the observation. For example, it could be a quantitative result, and ordinal scale value, nominal or categorial value, etc. Data Type: variable. Possible data types include: Quantity, CodeableConcept, string, boolean, integer, Range, Ratio, SampledData, time, dateTime, Period Terminology Standards: The appropriate terminology depends on the observation. A few examples: • If the observation is quantitative, then Observation.value.units SHALL be drawn from UCUM. • If the observation represents a validated assessment instrument (e.g. survey) item and the value is a CodeableConcept, then Observation.value.code SHALL be drawn from LOINC. • If the observation pertains to clinical genetics, then other terminologies or syntaxes may be used as appropriate, e.g. HGVS, ClinVar, etc. • If the observation represents a human phenotype, then the Observation.value MAY be drawn from the Human Phenotype Ontology • If the observation has a nominal or ordinal scale value and the Observation.value exists in SNOMED CT, then SNOMED CT MAY be used.


Unified Comment from CDC

This element is used by CMS Quality Reporting and is marked Required or MustSupport in the FHIR QI Core IG

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