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Unified Comment from CDC

  • Data element description: Encounter Identifier is defined by HL7 US Core as the identifier(s) by which this encounter is known and US Core notes that this is a business identifier, not a resource identifier (
  • General Comment: Encounter Identifier is a Must Support data element in the US Core Encounter Profile. Encounter identifier is a fundamental and critically important data element for the MedMorph use case of Health Care Surveys. Cancer Registries and we suspect many other use cases use Encounter Identifier to resolve duplicate records, among other uses.
  • Estimate the number of stakeholders who capture, access, use or exchange this data element or data class: The encounter identifier is generated by all EHRs that this commenter is aware of including all major EHR products that together comprise over 80% of inpatient and ambulatory EHR US market share.
  • Additional Use Cases: Among many other clinical and payment related use cases, Da Vinci Payer Data Exchange 1.0.0 - STU1 ( uses Encounter Identifier.
  • Additional Applicable Standards: Da Vinci Payer Data Exchange

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