An episode defined by an interaction between a healthcare provider and the subject of care in which healthcare-related activities take place.

Data Element

Information from the submission form

Encounter subject


MedMorph submitted multiple…

MedMorph submitted multiple elements for the Encounter class that were modeled directly from the mustSupport elements of the US Core Encounter profile. What has been proposed in USCDI does not reflect the same structure and we believe will cause difficulty by those using the US Core structure. It has been noted that several elements of an Encounter Participant (e.g., role, NPI, name, etc.) are found in the Care Team Member class, but what information would be exchanged using the USCDI Encounter Participant element? We have been told that the Encounter Participant NPI is found in Care Team Member.Provider NPI. Is the Encounter Participant element simply a link or reference to the Care Team Member class? If so, that needs to be defined/explained in USCDI.

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