An episode defined by an interaction between a healthcare provider and the subject of care in which healthcare-related activities take place.

Data Element

Information from the submission form

Encounter status


Unified Comment from CDC

  • Data element description: Encounter Status is defined by HL7 US Core as the "Current state of the encounter." ( The value set for this data element includes such values as planned, in-progress and finished. (  
  • General Comment: Encounter Status is a required data element in the US Core Encounter Profile. ( The MedMorph Health Care Surveys use case is listed in ONDEC as one of the supporting use cases for this data element. Here is some additional information about how the MedMorph Health Care Surveys use case uses Encounter Status: The Health Care Surveys Content Implementation Guide describes how the MedMorph Backend Services App subscribes to encounter status and uses the encounter status of "finished" as the main trigger to evoke the MedMorph Backend Services App’s evaluation of finished encounter to assess whether it is an encounter that necessitates a health care survey to be generated, thus it is a crucial data element for this use case.  
  •  Estimate the number of stakeholders who capture, access, use or exchange this data element or data class: Encounter Status is captured and maintained in the vast majority of EHR products.  
  •  Additional Use Cases: Among other clinical and payment related use cases, the Da Vinci Payer Data Exchange 1.0.0 - STU1 ( IG includes Encounter Status as required data element. SMART on FHIR apps often need to determine which encounter is currently in-progress in the EHR which they ascertain by Encounter Status. (see:  
  • Additional Applicable Standards: Da Vinci Payer Data Exchange ; . This element is used by CMS Quality Reporting and is marked Required or MustSupport in the FHIR QI Core IG

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